It is always quite exciting when the big papers appear to take an interest in the humble general insurance market.

Hence the racing pulses that impelled proud industry organ Insurance Times to prick up at the FT Lex column’s assertion that “The British insurance sector’s locker room is awash with testosterone.”

Where is this locker room, and shouldn’t somebody fetch a mop – or could the hormone somehow be harvested and auctioned off to raise funds for the ‘Let’s Make Insurance Sexy’ campaign?

Among the leading producers of the superabundant secretions in question are (allegedly) Aviva’s Andrew ‘Macho’ Moss and Brit’s ‘Big’ Dane Do-it-all  – men, according to the FT, “who seem more enamoured with the grandeur of their roles than they are talented at performing them.”

RSA man Andy Haste’s bid to snap up Aviva’s general insurance bit is seen by the FT as an attempt to turbo-charge his own alpha-male credentials and attain the peak of true grandeur.

Maybe Uvavu should just buy RSA, the FT opines, and let Haste run the GI bit.

Meanwhile: best wear wellies if you’re headed for that locker room.


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