What follows is a true story.

Danny Gibbons was an ordinary bloke with a perfectly understandable passion for cars, motorcycles and insurance claims.

One day he opened an email asking him to sponsor a charity fundraising event involving so-called Monkey bikes. “I’m too busy today,” he told himself. “I expect somebody else will sponsor this excellent cause, so I needn’t bother.”

But as he clicked away from the email his computer screen flickered, he heard a strange moaning sound, and a gust of icy wind whipped around the room – even though the window was closed! “That’s odd,” he thought, “I must speak to the landlord about electrics/neighbours/insulation.”

He thought no more about this strange incident until later that night when he woke from a terrifying dream to find himself dead at the bottom of a really deep well with his neck broken in 452 places and was never seen again.



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