Websters Insurance Brokers has come along way since it began life as a small family-owned brokerage back in 1964. Exactly how far is amply attested by its selection as one of just a handful of official stops on the 2010 Monkey Business charity fundraising ride.

The Brighouse broker has kindly volunteered to play host (briefly) to a rag-tag cavalcade of stupidly small motorbikes on the morning of Saturday 18 September as Stop No.1 on the Monkey Business itinerary.

Bankstone’s dauntless monkeybikers will doubtless be glad of a break, after riding near-on half a mile from Bankstone’s secret headquarters in Armytage Road to Websters‘ three-story nerve-centre in Commercial Street.

This handsome edifice is currently home to a crack team of insurance professionals offering motor, household, travel and commercial package schemes backed by the latest technology and telecommunications systems, but never forgetting the personal touch.

Websters’ motorcycle division, Bikerline Direct has also become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bike insurance thanks to its innovative marketing and an extensive network of dealers. They also have some IFAs who do stuff like mortgages, pensions and life assurance.

From here, the motorcyclecade moves on to Colin Appleyard Motorcycles in Keighley and thence to luncheon chez NCi Insurance and Breakdown cover in genteel Harrogate. Scarborough is the overnight stop, with other destinations yet to be finally confirmed.

A final stop list will appear in next week’s Bankstone News (probably). One reassuring given is the BLD Barbeque Bonanza back in Brighouse in which proceedings climactically culminate on the Sunday afternoon.


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