In vaguely related news, those lovable rogues over at are back on the Bankstone News news radar with their eye-catching claim that the reason young men pay more for motor insurance is that they have an image problem.

Sweeney Steve (for it, inevitably, is he) claims that 18-year-old males pay 79% more than lasses. Why? Because they “traditionally bear the brunt of a ‘boy racer’ reputation,” Steve explains. Whereas… ladies come over as more mature and ’safer as motorists.’

Still blind from all that science, Bankstone News can scarcely take in the shocking news that monkeysupermarket have just quoted an 18-year-old Mancunian lad £10,138.33 to insure his 1.4L 2005 Fiesta. Boy, does he have an image problem!


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