Endlessly cheering crowds, Powerpoint-style animated text, a half-arsed knock-off of Thin Lizzy’s greatest hit – it can only mean one thing. Give me an R! Give me an S! Give me an A! Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, er… RSA.

What should arrive in Bankstone News’ copy of Post Magazine this week but a CD-DVD-type-thing featuring a no-expense-paid presentation heralding RSA’s pugnaciously worded intent to “retake the SME stage.” And what a spectacle it provided!

Yes, indeed. The boys – and one young lady striking a frankly suggestive pose with a hairdryer for some reason – would indeed appear to be very much back in town. The drummer seems adequately equipped for what RSA tout as the biggest comeback since Take Th>t (not sure about those sticks though). But with the guitarist noodling on a sawn-down broom for dwarves, and the bassist playing the vacuum hose, have they really thought this through?

RSA’s lavish multimedia presentation boldly proclaims the date of the SME comeback gig as SUMMER 2010. Now BS News has checked, and October’s currently classified as an Autumn month. Could the apparent delay be in any way connected to the shock decision of RSA’s SME director Ken Norgrove to quit the band back in June, citing a desire to return to his roots in traditional Irish music via some kind of role with Travelers? No idea. Don’t really care.

If you’d like your own copy of this marvellous disk, today could be your lucky day. The first reader to email [email protected] is welcome to ours. We’ll send it off Post Haste, whenever that may be. To be honest, once you’ve seen it a couple of times the hilarity wears off.

Meanwhile, as the late great Phil Lynott used to sing, if the boys wanna fight you’d better let ‘em!

See it for yourself right here.


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