Bankstone News has seen the future of personal injury. How have we achieved this? Why, through the simple expedient of attending the Claims Standards Council’s Future of Personal Injury conference in Manchester this week!

“Will Alternative Business Structures change the face of legal services? Is Third Party Assistance a danger or an opportunity?” We know. But we’re not telling.

What effect will “Lord Young’s Review into the Compensation Culture threatening to ban personal injury advertising and referral fees” have? Again, we’re keeping schtum. Knowledge is power, you know.

But one thing we can exclusively reveal is that Matthew Game, founder and CEO of Mobile Doctors and chairman of AMRO has arrived at the completely unbiased and impartial view that all PI claims should involve a medical examination.

Aside from keeping businesses like Mr Game’s busy, insisting on a medical for each and every claimant would, he claimed, deter fraud and reduce the total number of PI claims. Ignoring murmured consternation from delegates at the idea of having fewer claims to manage, Mr Game went on to claim that 10% of claims would melt away at the mere suggestion of obligatory medical exams.

Game claimed to know of a claimant whose doctor’s report stated that he was uninjured, but whose personal injury claim was none the less paid. Why? Because he had already received a pre-med offer from the TPI; hence his solicitor was never required to produce the report.

He went on to explain how 10% of claimants fail to show up for their medical examinations. So a no-med no-pay rule would see 62,500 RTA PI claims (with an average cost £2500) being withdrawn, and hence a total saving of over £150 million.

Far be it from Bankstone News to point out the obvious flaws in this argument. Why not spend a second or two teasing them out for yourself!

Whatever you think of Matthew’s bold proposal, though, you’d have to agree that he certainly is… (chuckle, sputter) game… (hoot) for… (snort, cackle)… a… (wipes a tear) laugh!


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