Britons engaging in RTA action these days appear increasingly reluctant to get insurers involved in their misadventures.

According to mellifluously named, one in four at-fault drivers have simply bunged a few quid at their victims rather than go through the “proper channels.” quizzed 2,182 British motorists and found that one in four had “paid off” another driver without reporting the incident to their insurers.

Why on earth would they do such a thing? Well, has looked into the matter and reports that 2% do so for the perfectly understandable reason that they don’t have an insurer to whom they could report the incident as they are driving uninsured. Fair play. But what about the rest?

Twenty two per cent done it ‘cos their excesses were so high it didn’t seem worth claiming. Eleven per cent were worried about losing their no-claims discount, and fully 54% said they couldn’t face the thought of seeing their already astronomical premiums increase even further.

All very interesting, but probably completely untrue – given that 19% of’s respondents fessed up to lying in an attempt to disguise their at-faultness.

Of the drivers who had not previously paid off another driver, 42% “said they would consider it in future,” no doubt adding “what a great idea for keeping premiums down. Thanks for the suggestion!”

Voucher expert Farhad Farhadi said: “If people are avoiding going through their insurance so their no claims bonus and premium won’t be affected, I can see why it’s tempting for many.”

Good thing motor insurance is compulsory or we’d all be out of a job soon. How long til the only people still claiming are the fraudsters?


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