So interest rates are set to stay at 0.5% and a further round of quantitative easing has been deemed unnecessary at the present time.

Bankstone News has not the least doubt that current economic policies will prove efficacious and awaits the return of boom with patient confidence and trust. If, however, the economy should require further stimulus at some point in future, let us state here for the record that Bankstone stands ready to play its part.

David “Big Society” Cameron has repeatedly told us we can’t expect Government to take care of everything and that we must all play our part in building a big version of the thing whose existence Lady Thatcher always used to deny.

With this thought in mind, Bankstone is fully prepared to play its part in the next round of quantitative easing – as and whenever deemed necessary. Our private mint stands ready to start churning out Bankstone Banknotes which we will then deploy to stimulate ailing sectors of the local economy such as dining, hospitality, supercar sales and luxury goods retailing.

Just say the word, and we’ll be happy to help.


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