It is always with a heavy heart that those in power implement proposals which will inevitably impact on people.

People, for example, like the additional X% of pedestrians now destined to be struck by heavy moving objects following the decision of councils up and down the land to switch off streetlamps or dim them to the point where they create little more than eerily alien mood lighting (see last week’s story).

Or those like staff at specialist motor insurance intermediary Choice Quote Insurance Services who are now ‘in consultation’ with their employers Group Armagh (or GUK to be specific) over the highly pertinent question of whether or not they’re going to be out of a job following a proposed ‘change of business model’ which may or may not involve hiving the personal lines bit off to Carole Nash and retaining a slimmed down commercial bit in Glasgow.

Choice Quote have just embarked on the joy of a six-week ‘consultation period’ with affected managers and staff. Once this formality is out the way, there will be a feasibility study to ‘examine the practicalities surrounding’ the implementation of a pared-down business model that minimises offence to business partners and clients whilst ‘retaining as many staff as possible.’

That last bit about staff numbers should probably not be taken too literally.

GUK ultimate boss Frankie Boisseau is concerned about the twin scourges of rising premium rates and reduced underwriting capacity and has concluded that “it has therefore been necessary to look very closely at Choice Quote’s future business model to ensure that they are best placed to meet these challenges.” The use of they instead of we here may or may not be significant.

Whilst acutely aware of the need ‘to keep our expenses low and trade as cost effectively as possible’ MD Cathie Bruce is also mindful of ‘the effect these proposals might have on our people’ and offers the heartening reassurance that ‘we will be doing everything we can to provide the help and support they require throughout the process.’

Whatever the outcome of the highly scientific review now underway, you can be sure French Frank and Cathie will be making THE RIGHT CHOICE – NO COMPROMISE.®


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