Not only do they drink and smoke more than the rest of us, and have terrible handwriting, GPs are also Britain’s most claims-prone drivers, according to string-haired comparison site

A whopping 33% of physicians on’s books made a claim in the past 12 months. Other medical professionals in’s top 20 claim makers included psychologists (30%), district nurses (30%), hospital doctors (29%) and dentists (27%). also uncovered a disturbing class/income divide in claims activity, with high earners like solicitors and accountants much more likely to claim than lower earners.

Manual labourers like carpet fitters, decorators and plasterers are the least likely to make a claim, claims. So paying your insurance premium, it seems, is just another case of upward wealth distribution.

“Typically, people would expect white van man to be more likely to have an accident than a doctor or accountant, but the survey shows quite the opposite,” says’s Will Thomas. Are these “people” to whom Thomas refers underwriters?


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