Why suffer alone? Spread the pain of being a Bankstone News subscriber and you could WIN BIG in our yuletide recommend-a-friend drive!

Persuade people you know to sign up as new Bankstone News subscribers, and you could win a bumper haul of boxed-up booze – just in time for mid-Jan.

Yes, that’s right: we’re pledging to forward all festive alcoholic bribery received here at Bankstone HQ to the person who signs up the most new subscribers by 31st December.

Entering couldn’t be simpler: email the suggested wording below (or something of your own devising) to everyone you know (or some judiciously selected subset thereof) and send us a list of their names (please don’t send us their email addresses – that’s probably some kind of data crime).

Come Jan 1, we’ll match the names you’ve sent us against the names of all new subscribers, and whoever gets the highest number of matches scoops the entire haul of festive boxed-up booze that’s currently piling up nicely in one corner of the Bankstone executive suite.

And because “holiday” is a time for giving, we’re also pledging to donate £1 to our favourite charity – the life saving Yorkshire Air Ambulance – for every new subscriber.

So it really is a win-win-not-lose-anything deal. Marvellous.

Simply cut and paste the following and mail it to anyone you can think of.

Weekly insurance news eZine Bankstone News have promised to donate £1 to charity for every new subscriber they sign up between now and midnight new year’s eve.

They have also promised to send all the boxed bottles of yuletide good cheer they receive this year to the person who gets the most people to sign up to their supposedly humorous email newsletter.

Obviously it’s the charity element rather than any interest in alcohol that has motivated me to write to you. Please help. It’s very simple:

Simply click on the link below, fill in your name and email address, click subscribe, then reply to the email they’ll send back to you. That’s it. You don’t even have to read their ridiculous eZine, unless you want to, obviously.

https://www.bankstone.co.uk/insurance-brokers/bankstone-newsletter-sign-up *

It costs you nothing, gains £1 for life-saving charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance, and might win me a couple of bottles of booze – not that I care about that bit, of course.

*If that link doesn’t work for any reason, there’s a sign-up button on their homepage at www.bankstone.co.uk

[sign off]

And don’t forget to send a list of people you’ve recommended to [email protected]

Good luck!

Image not necessarily illustrative of actual prize – or anything else in particular for that matter.


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