It’s certainly been a year of surprises in 2010. Who could have predicted, for example, that the current cold weather would lead to an increase in insurance claims?

According to a cold-weather themed news report cobbled together by The Press Association, enormous Gallic insurance concern Axa is experiencing double the normal volume of home insurance claims, with almost half of these relating to “snow damage.”

The PA notes that Axa recently experienced a 24% jump in the number of people phoning in to report motor insurance claims, with an extraordinary “85% jump in single vehicle accidents, as motorists slid off roads.”

Think that’s amazing? Then try this for size! The ABI has made the highly provocative claim that it is too early to say how much the recent cold snap will have cost the industry. Meanwhile a spokeswoman for Aviva insisted that: “Of course, burst pipe claims are common in this type of weather.”

How right that spokeswoman was: Lloyds TSB Insurance are said to have experienced an almost literally mind-blowing seven-fold increase in claims for damage caused by burst pipes, while AA Insurance allegedly saw a 23% rise in motor insurance claims, with collision one of the chief causes.

One driver, the PA claims bizarrely,”damaged his car after having a collision with a wild bore.”

Speaking of which, that’s probably enough amazing cold weather claims stories to be going on with.


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