News just in: BIBA has a cunning (eight-point) plan.

Eight-point plans are nothing new in themselves:

i) Nineteenth century Japanese samurai hero Sakamoto Ryoma had an eight-point plan for restoring power to the Imperial Court through a peaceful coup.

ii) Obama came up with an eight-point plan a couple of years back for reforming the US healthcare system.

iii) Baroness Therese de Villiers announced an eight-point plan in April 2010, whilst still in opposition, for keeping Britain’s airports moving.

It’s somewhat similar with the UK’s leading insurance broking body’s latest proposals – just in BIBA’s case the plan’s about cutting the cost of motor cover.

Anything with a full eight points must be well thought out. And so it is in this case. The bold reforming programme they’ve set out is not just in BIBA’s interests – but in those of the nation as a whole.

It’s all about signposts. That’s the suggestion BIBA’s Graeme Turgid is propounding at any rate. He claims the Government needs to “signpost customers to a source of help.”

“Signposting is an important solution,” he proclaims mysteriously.

Now, signposting could mean sticking signs on posts – or simply posting signs somewhere (as in Bill Posters is innocent, in which case no stick need necessarily be required, as opposed, clearly, to no sticking being needed). But let us not detain ourselves with semantics. Whichever the intended sense, Turgid seems keen to suggest that signposting will “help people find insurance,” with fewer left “uninsured and unprotected.”

Once it gets past point number one (see below) the plan seems to be mostly about looking at things or pointing at them. So there could be some scope for adjusting BIBA’s plan so that it focuses a little less on contemplation, a little more on action. See what you think…

That eight-pint plan in full:

1. Government must introduce Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE)
2. Signpost people to a relevant broker where they can find competitive cover (particularly young or non-standard drivers)
3. Regulate comparison sites to the appropriate standard
4. Review Pass Plus
5. Review the driving test
6. Engage with Lord Justice Jackson’s review of civil litigation costs
7. Refrain from any further increase in insurance premium tax
8. Provide access to driving licence records.


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