In the latest act of lunacy to arrive from across The Channel, the EU plans to ban lady drivers. The European Court of Justice has ruled that differentiating between males and females is quite definitely illegal.

So now people who claimed to be female when they took out motor insurance – and presumably got special treatment as a result – could face going back and doing it again fairly, without seeking any sexual favours this time.

According to a report that leading insurance industry publication Insurance Times found in the Daily Telegraph, the European Count of Justice has ruled that “using a person’s sex to calculate insurance premiums is illegal.” Bankstone News doesn’t know about illegal, but it certainly doesn’t sound terribly hygienic.

So it’s official: girls really are no better than boys. Farewell, then, Sheilas’ Wheels. So long Lady Driver (and all your hilarious YouTube clips). Sayonara Señorita.

Now ABI acting director Maggie Craig is urging members to stand by in readiness until Early March when the ECJ is expected to come up with an answer to the vexed question of whether existing lady policies are illegal and will have to be replaced.

Perhaps if they could just delay that ruling until Feb 2012…


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