Residents of charming Ribble Valley hamlet Wilpshire are up in arms. “It’s typical of insurance companies,” claims Frank Sourbutts, 63, of Whalley Road: “They’ll do anything to get more money out of people. “It’s Diabolical,” adds June Tidmarsh, 57 of Belvedere Road.

What’s all the fuss about? Wilpshite residents claim they’re being unfairly penalised with sky-high motor insurance premiums just because they share a postcode with the wolves’ den of cash-for-crash bandits that is inner city Blackburn. Now local MP Nigel Evans (con) is leading a campaign to have the postcode changed.

In the alleged postcode lottery that supposedly dictates who pays what for motor insurance, the village’s BB1 tag is the money-saving kiss of death for the respectable countryfolk in Whiplashshire. Nige Evans claims “residents are charged the same as people in Blackburn, despite having differing levels in exposure to crime.”

The MP has written to the Royle Male asking for the village to be re-coded BB7 like the rest of the Ribble Valley, but was politely told to “Do one, soft lad.” A fuming Evans bitterly observed that “it seems the current system is run for the convenience of the Royal Mail.”

“There are no plans to change it,” he confirmed, “and my constituents will continue to get hammered.” Bankstone News supposes that would be one way to dull the pain of high car insurance premiums – but might rather suggest insurers hadn’t misjudged Whiplashirites too badly in the first place.


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