Congratulations to West Bromwich, the plucky Midlands town that has pulled itself up by its bootstraps to climb from 34th last year to 2nd place in this year’s Virgin Money Index of most “car friendly” conurbations.

The birthplace of golden god Robert Plant and home of Britain’s most boycotted community arts centre now ranks inferior in its motoring amenability only to the mighty St Helens, supreme winner for a second consecutive year.

Reading and Oxford were adjudged the least car friendly towns, with last year’s grand loser London not far behind, whilst, oddly, Swindon somehow scraped a top ten placing.

What were Virgin Money looking for? Stuff like parking facilities, the absence of congestion and speed cameras, and low car crime. Basically the kind of things that give cars a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

What’s so special about St Helen’s (or at least what was so special about it last year)?

Find out here.

Or don’t. We’re really not fussed.


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