When it comes to bikes, balance is everything. If you don’t have balance, you might fall off or something. It’s as simple as that.

That’s why motorcycle insurance broker Carole Nash is shifting about a bit to get that balance just right. Or as Insurance Times put it this week: Carol Nash to cut nine posts.

Some posts are being split, as opposed to axed, though. And it’s not just about cutting costs, the Nashers claimed this week. Along with the chopping, there will be some new posts brought in.

Three section heads and six team leaders are to go sales and operations. On the plus side, the position of head of sales of operations (currently vacant) will now be split into separate roles for head of sales, head of operations, and head of heads (possibly) and CN is bringing in two business change consultants to make sure it can cope.

“This is categorically not about cutting cost, it’s about creating an operational structure that best serves the future needs of our customers and, therefore, the business” said Dave Cullen, restructure architect.

“As an ambitious and diversifying business it’s vital that we examine our procedures and processes to ensure that we are best serving the changing needs of our customers,” he repeated flawlessly from the Business Bullshit Bible, going to finish with the following bravura flourish: “The aim is to ensure we have a balanced organisational structure which maximises the value of available talent, increases process accountability, and ultimately enhances the customer experience. That in turn will help drive sales and income.”

Top marks, Mr Cullen. Now get chopping!



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