PR people. What is their problem? They haven’t got two decent motor insurance story ideas to rub together, that’s what, if you ask Bankstone News.

Hairdresser’s car. It’s a term of abuse, right? But some bright-spark PR dolly at ladies’ motor insurer Diamond decides to find out “what really is Britain’s most popular hairdresser’s car.”

What a stroke of bleeding genius. How very fascinating! Ooh, what could it possibly be? Sorry to spoil the suspense, everyone, but it’s a Mini One. End of. Pretty Much.

Diamond reckon a Mini One is “three and a half times more likely to be driven by a hairdresser than everyone else.” So 77% of Mini drivers are hairdressers? Terrifying is what that is.

Bankstone News’ world already seems a darker, angrier place. But it only gets worse. The Vauxhall Tigra and Volkswagen Beetle “are both more than three times as popular with hairdressers than the rest of the UK.” They’re having a laugh, aren’t they?

What is the matter with these people? Anyone that loves a “sporty runaround” more than their country has got something seriously wrong with them if you ask Bankstone News.

If Bankstone News hears the words hair or dresser one more time…


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