What is mounting? Excitement, that’s what – as MM Day nears. Yes, it’s just one month now until Bankstone and friends get their monkeybike motors running and head out on the highways and byways of Yorkshire, looking for adventure, and whatever comes their way, as they attempt to raise over £7000 for lifesaving charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance (YAA), dressed all the while like rejected extras from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (see below).

Bankstone’s very own medieval monkey in chief Dixon Tyson (see above) was over at Leeds-Bradford-Harrogate airport this week firming up arrangements with the YAA, watching one of YAYA’s yellow hellcopters scramble into action, and looking on approvingly as Medieval Monkey first-time participants Premex Group – by no means sluggish donors – handed over a handsome cheque to YAAA’s Nicky de Whytell before the event has even begun.

The photograph above shows Premex Business Development Manager Doug Sloan presenting the aforementioned Ms de Whytell (whose name sounds plenty medieval to Bankstone News) with something that looks quite convincingly like a cheque for £750, with the YAA’s flight operations room air desk in the background. To see where this generous donation leaves Bankstone’s fundraising efforts, click here to see it on the MM 2001 just giving page. And while you’re there, why not make a donation of your own?

With so little time left, Mr Tyson has also been urging those already committed to the charity ride to: a) ride their monkey bikes around a bit to make sure they go alright and won’t break down 30 miles into Day 1 (though mechanical support will be on hand courtesy of the BLD van), b) make sure they have their knightish garb at the ready and that it actually fits over their leathers, c) abandon any thought of staying at the Grand Hotel in Scarborough for the overnight stop twixt days 1 and 2 – or, for that matter, the equally dire, though more intimate (not always a good thing where direness is concerned) Belmont Hotel, d) tell everyone they know to sponsor them, f) some other stuff we’ve already forgotten.

For anyone who hasn’t yet committed themselves to playing some part in what is officially one of the 20 things to do in Yorkshire before you die, there’s still time (not much, admittedly). Simply email Mr Monkey Himself and you too could be doing something as absurd as riding a risibly small motorcycle up hill and down dale dressed as a medieval warrior come July 2/3 this year.

You know you want to really.


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