Patricia Walker, 57, unemployed, of Rodney Place, London E17 has been found guilty of insurance fraud after claiming for whiplash caused when a bus drove into the back of her Ford Fiesta in Higham Hill, Walthamstow.

Doubts first arose over her claim when CCTV aboard a single-decker Arriba-operated vehicle on the W15 route revealed that she was not in her car when the accident took place.

The footage in question shows her crossing the road behind the bus and then approaching the front entry doors. The medical community is still attempting to gain a better understanding of so-called “whiplash” injuries (see previous story), but being elsewhere at the time of a collision is generally thought to reduce the likelihood of sustaining physical injury.

Ms Walker was handed a 12-month community service order and “placed on curfew for three months at Snaresbrook Crown Court,” though what she’s going to do there for three months is anyone’s guess.


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