It is now barely a week before Bankstone’s valorous knightly company rides out around Yorkshire on monkey bikes to raise funds for lifesaving charity Yorkshire Air Ambulance (see countless previous stories).

This year’s event is fast taking on an oddly professional character as costumes continue to accumulate, advance donations trickle in, and Bankstone takes delivery of some highly impressive magnetic signage for flanks of the event’s fleet of support vehicles, courtesy of BLD’s estimable Cheryl “Cold Hard” Steel.

As flagged in last week’s issue, Bankstone’s own Commanding Officer Andrew Jones (cojones for short) has equipped himself with a very fetching long sleeveless top in the livery of the Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem (Teutonic Knights to you and me) highly suitable attire should he decide to continue eastwards from Scarborough and invade Poland or something.

There are 15 YAA collecting buckets lined up at Bankstone HQ ready to be shaken at passers by the likes of the four comely wenches (and one Ian Scanlan) freshly volunteered by UKIM, and – also on the fundraising front – it can now be confirmed that Medieval Monkeys is one of the very first charity events in the UK to use a new (completely FOC) donate by text service, Vodaphone JustTextGiving (works with any service provider). To rid yourself of excess poundage, and help save lives across the Yorkshire region, simply text MONK88 and the number of pounds you wish to donate (select from 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10) to 70070. Your donation will immediately appear on the Medieval Monkeys justgiving page (see below left).

Please email all your friends at once and insist that they donate by text to this unquestionably excellent cause. To make your email stand out, or to access other promotional material like banners and desktops, download the personalised Medieval Monkeys pack from Vodafone below here.


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