What’s really been driving speed cam deployment strategy over the last two decades? Looks like we are about to find out.

The Government has ordered local authorities to publish data going back to 1990 on accident stats before and after cam-age, while the police will reveal the number and outcome of prosecutions relating to each site. All of this is due to go live later this month. Should make interesting reading.

Road safety minister Mike Pennis claimed: “If taxpayers’ money is being spent on speed cameras,” (Bankstone News strongly suspects that it is) “then it is right that information about their effectiveness is available to the public. This will help to show what impact cameras are having on road safety and also how the police are dealing with offenders.”

Presumably Mr Pennis and his associates already have some inkling as to the obvious conclusions to be drawn from all this data. Could it all be part of some pre-notified long-term anti-cam strategy?


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