However often and however much Bankstone News writes about potholes, it seems our readers just can’t get enough. So we’re sure you’ll be thrilled to learn of some extraordinary new developments in the pothole world.

Top potholeologists have calculated that Britian’s two million potholes currently cost UK motorists an average £400 a year – whilst generating, it must be allowed, a welcome flow of additional income for motor repair firms and auto parts suppliers.

Fear not, however, comparisonistas have taken it upon themselves – for reasons in no way related to gaining a bit of cheap publicity – to design a new road sign warning of potholes ahead. is now petitioning the DfT to encourage local authorities to erect these signs alongside potholey roads as an attractive lo-cost alternative to actually filling the b*ggers in.

A spokesbeing attempts to explain as follows: “A constant source of frustration for drivers, the sign has been developed in response to recent findings that, even with sufficient budgets, it would take councils at least 11 years to repair the UK’s damaged roads.”

Bankstone News must confess itself a bit confused about how the sign can have been causing frustration – constant or otherwise – without anyone having seen it yet. And is that 11 years assuming no new potholes appear? Could it take even longer if councils are busy erecting all those danger potholes signs?

If we can have signs for wild horses and toads, argues’s Mike “Hulk” Hoban, why not potholes? Couldn’t agree more, agreed someone called Ted who last year made his own sign warning Kentish drivers about a particularly holey road near his home.

“We all moan about potholes,” said Ted, a plumber by trade. His DIY potholes sign, sadly, was removed by unenlightened council officials, perhaps because – unlike’s sign – it was not designed by Phil Baines from Central St Martins, University of the Arts London in accordance with the signage guidelines set by the Department for Transport.

That’s probably it.


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