“I feel really angry with the way it’s been dealt with as well,” complained an angry Justin Line, 32, of Oakley whose car was impounded by Newport Pagnell cops in the early hours of July 16 after his insurer appeared not to have renewed his motor insurance policy.

“I couldn’t believe it when we were pulled over and I was told I had no insurance. I kept telling them that I did, but on their records it said that I didn’t,” complained Mr Line who was obliged to take a taxi the remainder of the way home following a night out in Milton Keynes.

His policy, purchased through Tesco Car Insurance, had been due for automatic renewal after it ran out on Friday 15 July, but patrol cars pounced when records showed no policy in place. “Our premium was put up by £250, and we weren’t even covered,” Mr Line claimed. “It’s ridiculous,” he went on to observe.

A spokesperson for Tesco Bank said: “Our customer was not driving uninsured and has been continually covered by Tesco Car Insurance, with no gap in cover. At the point Mr Line was stopped by the police, one day after the renewal of the policy, the Motor Insurance Bureau records did not reflect this. We are picking up with both the police and the Motor Insurance Bureau on the matter and on why the vehicle was impounded. We are reimbursing the cost of the impound charge.”

Look out for plenty more of these stories to follow.


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