Car maker Ford has described the current accident management business model used by fleets as not just broken but sick, reports Fleet News this week.

Inflated costs are leading to increased insurance premiums, the motor manufacturer claimed. But fear not, Fleet Managers: a new accident management scheme offered by Fnord is “great news for customers,” according to Collision Repair Manager Paul McDermott.

Ford says fleet managers need no longer worry about “the many complex parts of the repair process such as contacting the insurance company, organising vehicle recovery and providing a courtesy car,” with all of which it will now take care after just “a single phone call.”

“By not inducing spurious personal injury claims, by not taking any fees for personal injury referrals, by supplying hire vehicles at cost plus a small admin fee, we will reduce costs to insurers,” said McDermott.

Ford is making its scheme available for both Ford and non-Ford vehicles and will profit from parts sales, provision of Ford rental vehicles, “small fees,” and ultimately, it hopes, vehicle sales.

John Lewis, chief executive of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), told Fleet News: “Accident management is not a new idea.”


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