Pulses are already racing around the insurance industry and insurance adrenaline and sweat glands furiously pressure-storing vast reserves of their respective secretions at the impending prospect of the annual tyre-fringed-track-lapping marathon that is the Daytona Milton Keynes Insurance Endurance go-karting event for grown men.

With just [you do the maths] days to go until the big day on 23 September, a truly significant proportion of the 30 available team slots have already been snapped up by eager would-be endurers.

So for those who want to get involved, but have yet to act, time is running out. Unless, of course, it has mysteriously changed direction and we’re heading backwards towards Gulf wars, disco, free love, national service, skiffle and the horrors of the trenches.

In which case, the good news is: you’ll get another chance to salute Team Bankstone’s mighty triumph in the Changing the Wheels on a Clapped-out Former Formula One Car Really Quickly event at the 2010 Ensurance Indurance event. See previous/future story (depending on direction of time at time of reading).

Should we all maintain our current temporal orientation, however, you will notice a number of very interesting new developments at this year’s event: revised timings, new pitlane scoring screens, and ‘the return of the unique Daytona Dashboards, giving drivers live race timing, position and gap times.’

What on earth can it all mean? To find out, or to book your team in, call hybrid Civil War commander Lee Jackson on 0845 644 5503 or email [email protected]

In next week’s Bankstone News, as endurance fever continues to spread like swine flu, we’ll be introducing you to this year’s team to beat, the mighty Bankstone Boys – an all-star line up that includes numerous industry figures of true stature and gravitas. Which is why we’ll be concentrating on the tyre-changing again.


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