You wouldn’t know it from his gormless mugshot, but Mohammed Samsul Haque is some kind of genius, a “criminal mastermind” who made £2m smashing up luxury motors for insurance cash.

Fiendish megabrain Haque ran a North London gang of crash for cash specialists who invited friends and family along for ‘crashing parties’ at their yard up in Tottenham, where guests ate and drank before crashing cheap cars into pricey ones.

If the impact damage wasn’t up to scratch, the wily Haque (sometime alias Samuel Hague) and his ruthless sidekick Rosul “Louisville Slugger” Yusuf would apply judicious finishing touches with a couple of baseball bats.

Following each non-accidental accident, Haque’s ‘accident management’ company Motor Alliance provided – or pretended to provide – a wide range of non-existent services to the supposed owners of the damaged luxury models, along with some more or less real replacement hire vehicles, for which insurers were handsomely billed.

In all, press reports claim, Haque and his hoodlums made “more than 120 fraudulent claims for accidents that never took place,” living a charmed life on the ill-gotten proceeds. Chuckling maniacally all the while with ill-concealed fiendish glee, no doubt, Haque probably thought the coppers couldn’t touch him.

What Haque couldn’t know was that the local cops had teemed up with the dreaded Insurance Fraud Bureau (FBI) whose leader Glen Marr has been known to drawl laconically: “fraudsters are deluded if they think they won’t get caught.”

Had the evil mastermind slipped up somewhere? Was Haque in fact – for all his high-level mental powers – in some way deluded?

Turns out he was. Following a tip-off from one insurer sick of settling suspiciously similar £350 a day bills for luxury replacement vehicles, cops kicked in Haque’s Tottenham doors and seized the sleazy fraudster and his six-strong gang, along with an attaché case full of damning claims docs retrieved from the boot of a silver Mercedes.

And now, barely three years after this dramatic raid, Haque and his boys have been convicted of conspiracy to defraud and are due to be sentenced at Southwark Crown Court next month. Throw away the keys, says Bankstone News.


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