Know your rights, urged privately educated egalitarian Joe Strummer. Philosophers, of course, have long debated whether any such thing as a right exists to be known or unknown. Theresa May believes in them, up to a point, but thinks some people (and possibly animals) have rather too many of them. Now it seems everybody’s chuntering on about where a civil one ends (assuming it has started, of course) and a human one begins. Bankstone News is sticking with the divine one which entitles it to peddle such appalling nonsense by way of introducing the following brief discussion of legal rights, and, more specifically, whether anyone is aware of these and their right to exercise them.

Details revealed of an outsourced accident management scheme run by Ford UK, in an attempt to circumvent credit hire charges and referral fees, show that just one in 180 customers proactively sought to make a PI claim. Delegates at the I Love Claims event (keynote speaker Jack “Wat Tyler” Straw) heard how, by the simple expedient of not asking callers whether they’d been injured, Fnord have dramatically cut the level of PI claims, demonstrated that hardly anyone really gets injured in accidents, and that most people are perfectly happy not making a fuss. Suggestions that some callers may not have been aware of their ‘right’ to claim compensation for injuries incurred in a collision are clearly absurd.

With PI costs so low, and with no referral fees to pay, drivers insured via the Ford scheme will doubtless be delighted to be paying much lower premiums than the rest of the driving population.


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