In an enthusiastically wagging coda to last week’s hugely popular story about ARAG UK’s 5th birthday celebrations, we now bring you news of said celebrant’s still-more-opulent business-partner-directed festivities to which Bankstone’s own Dickon Tysoe was privileged to be party earlier this month.

Festivities began with intoxicant libations around the periphery of Bath Spa’s celebrated Roman Baths (no togas were worn according to Mr Tysoe) before fast-forwarding 1700 years through history to the Regency splendour of the Pump Room, where guests were regaled with a sumptuous feast and entertained by the mind-boggling mental athleticism of memory man and former Gloucester rugby player John Simonett.

The latter amazed those present by knowing who they were and recalling from memory (doubtless informed by a touch of judicious web-based research beforehand) little-known details about their public and private lives. Tysoe’s charity-fundraising exploits (have we mentioned those?) had not escaped Simonett’s notice and he spoke fulsomely about Bankstone’s quest to raise funds for Yorkshire Air Ambulance, urging guests to support this most worthy cause.

The upshot of this free publicity was that a fellow diner on Mr T’s table, Jackie Harvey of Amtrust generously shunted her winnings from a somewhat unworthy sweepstake held earlier in the evening (which entailed speculation as to the final length of Tony Buss’ speech) across the table to Mr T, resulting in the generous donation you will see here.

Other highlights of the festivities included an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday at the pianoforte by one of several ARAG Germany representatives present on the night, prefaced with the memorably ominous words “I know this will be a surprise for my Tony…”

Hospitalisations resulting from the riotously informal after-show festivities were mercifully few. Bankstone News is aware of only two. So, all things considered, a most excellent evening’s entertainment and a strong contender for corporate birthday celebration of the year.



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