Belie the fact as its youthful good looks may, Bankstone is full seven years old this week. Can it really be? Why would you even ask that? Everything in Bankstone News is entirely true. Except the bits that aren’t. Of which, of course, this is quite emphatically not one.

To mark the auspicious occasion of Bankstone’s 7th, the entire team descended en masse on celebrated Brighouse culinary hotspot Thaal (you’ll most likely know it – it’s on the Bradford Road) whereat to scoff and quaff until well after 8pm. An excellent time was had by all. Some guests even consumed alcohol. Only one, mind, seeing as they were driving.

Bankstone Director Dickon Tysoe reports having nothing to report in terms of Bullingdon-style hi-jinks, but did have the opportunity to discover some previously unsuspected facets to the extracurricular lives of certain staff members, learning, inter alia, the full shocking truth about Strictly Come Dancing, where to find Gay Rabbit on Freeview, and the correct parts of the human anatomy on which to have inked In Memoriam tattoos commemorating the lives of late lamented grandparents.

Thaal emerged with flying colours. Veteran curry hound Allan ‘Pappadums’ Poppleton described the two onion bhajis he put away as the finest he has ever tasted. High praise indeed from the high priest of spiciness.

So if you ever find yourself in Brighouse of an afternoon-type time of day, why not make an evening of it and sample the delights of Thaal.

Just don’t hang around too long after dark.


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