In the early days of the internet, new fangled techno-jargon inspired a wave of cackhandedly inept brand-namage as it seeped into every day speech. E-this, iThat, @s all over the shop. One of the lamest names for anything ever, you will surely agree, was a BBC show called Click Online.

And yet… Let’s, face it, who doesn’t love to get online and do some clicking! Recognising this near-universal desire, Bankstone News has very helpfully added extra clickable things to every “news story” we publish. Look, there they are – just down there at the bottom of this page!

Go ahead, click them! Sense again the subtle percussive fingertip thrill of that plasticky down-up manoeuvre. As an added plus, you also gain the opportunity to demonstrate your impeccable taste in online time-wasting of the words-on-a-screen type variety.

OK, it might be stretching things to claim you ‘like’ Bankstone News. But couldn’t you at least ‘tweet’ us or something? Oh, go on, please? We’d do it for you. Just point us at your social media buttons and we promise you a veritable frenzy of clicking online.

Click image above for vintage innuendo, if they haven’t disabled your YouTube


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