Bankstone News has been going since, oh, 2007 or something. And on this auspicious occasion we wanted to thank all of you who’ve accidentally clicked on one of our stories and wondered “Who writes this rubbish?”

Without you, Bankstone News wouldn’t be the quintessentially disposable lunchtime email it is today. And now we’re inviting you – yes you – to get in touch by emailing us on [email protected]

We know, of course, that Bankstone News is frighteningly close to perfection already, but we’d love to hear any comments and suggestions you may have. Are there any additional topics you would like us to cover? That kind of thing.

We are also more than happy to accept contributions. Forward us your corporate propaganda and we’ll include it. Send us scurrilous market rumours or outright lies concerning your competitors and we will trot them out faithfully, unwittingly unleashing upon ourselves the fierce attack dogs of the law.

Recommend us to your friends, and they’re sure to admire your taste and discernment. Get them to subscribe, and you could win the National Lottery or a raffle or something.

Whatever you want to tell us, Bankstone News is all ears.


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