Since Bankstone News covered news of TV’s Gary Lineker fronting telematic kids’ motor cover provider ingenue last week, describing him as clearly a good man, we have been literally bombarded by people throwing bombs. Which was a bit unexpected, quite frankly.

We have also been metaphorically bombarded by readers eager to point out that Mr Lineker is perhaps somewhat less saintly than his booking-free playing career and flawless (fully sleeved) pullovers might suggest and that, indeed, his own former wife once accused him of being unreasonable.

Be that as it may, Bankstone News was nonetheless delighted to see him all over the insurance papers again this week as Insurance Times exclusively revealed that ”Insurance Times previously reported Lineker was supporting the firm, but can now reveal his further involvement” i.e. that he actually has sunk some of his own money in the venture or, at least, that he has waived his fee for sitting on a sofa and reading a lot of old guff off an autocue in return for an undisclosed interest in ingenue’s future success.

Perhaps deceived by Lineker’s modestly self-deprecating manner and facial resemblance to the beardless member of Disney’s Seven Dwarfs, ingenue chief exec Dick King was pleasantly surprised by the presenter’s powers of comprehension. “He totally got it, totally understood it,” King insisted to Insurance Times, boasting that “Gary is very much part of the brand.”

King went on to predict of telematics boxes that everyone will have one soon. “Over the next 3-5 years it’s going to be a defacto thing,” he opined meaninglessly. “You’re probably going to have a box fitted,” he warned the paper’s reporter. Clearly a man with a fondness for fancy sounding foreign phrases, King want on to reveal that: “Our whole raison d’etre is to improve driver behaviour among young people.”

This declaration may have come as a less than welcome surprise to interested parties like Lineker who might naively have assumed there was some kind of profit-making agenda behind the venture.


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