Alongside such illustrious names as Bag it Up, Test Objects and Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Bankstone is the latest firm enrolled in the Yorkshire Air Ambulance’s Business Supporters Network.

Membership of this elite group qualifies Bankstone to partake in a diverse range of things you really don’t need to know about and Bankstone News can’t be bothered to relate.

Bit of a session down the Badger last night, to be frank. Might have overdone it on the Black Sheep. Or possibly the pork scratchings. Either way, feeling a bit ropey now and probably need to get back down there for a top up.

Where were we? Ah yes, talk of Yorkshire Air Ambulance puts Bankstone News in mind of the energizing prospect of the return of our epic charity bonanza Medieval Monkeys in July. If you’re not already signed up for this year’s outing, you really owe it to yourself to become so forthwith.

There’s a video of last year’s event somewhere in the pipeline – soon as we get round to editing it. Could make a start now, possibly. Although, there was a lot of money going into that fruit machine this morning. Might be due a payout. Be a shame to miss out…


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