A refreshing change of pace from the usual tired stories of multi-million pound cash-for-crash fraud gangs getting rounded up and taken down, Hastings Direct this week recounted the heart warming story of how one would-be fraudster with a rather different modus operandi was brought to justice.

We can all sleep a little easier in our beds tonight with the news that the sinister ‘Mr M’ is safely, where he belongs, behind bars.

M, a 41-year old teacher from Worcestershire crashed his aging Volvo on the way back from the pub and then tried to claim it had been nicked. Hastings’ crack ex-cop investigation team didn’t like the look of the damage and called in the local law to take a closer look.

Quick as you like, the boys in blue had swabbed M’s airbag and found his DNA all over it – proving beyond doubt that he was at the wheel when the incident occurred. Net result: a massive £1500 claim averted for Hastings and six months at Her Majesty’s for former teacher and convicted fraudster M, whose students will now be with Mr N for the remainder of the academic year pending recruitment of a full-time replacement.

No doubt we’ll be back to those ‘insurance fraud crime ring smashed’ stories next week.


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