Regular readers with a working knowledge of Franglais may recall how Bankstone News recently covered the astonishing news that our crazy croissant-munching continental cousins recently decreed that visiting Brits must have a functional alcohol testing kit in their cars at all times whist en France (check this if you missed it). What nobody knew at the time was whether said strictures also applied to motorcyclists. Well, get a load of this bud: they do!

In what amounts to something worryingly close to an (entirely inadvertent) scoop (or coup de presse as they say across “La Mancha”), Bankstone News, having carried out a little journosleuthage of its own, can now exclusively reveal that anyone riding anything bigger than the puniest of mopeds must carry a working breath kit at all times or face a fiercely Francolingual ticking off and a multi-Euro fine from 1 November onwards.

Laure Kempf, Chargée de Documentation et de Relations Presse de L’Automobile Club Association in Strasbourg exclusively revealed to Bankstone News this week that “the new law will also apply to motorcycles (over than 50cc). This new law will apply on the 1st of July but the verbalizations will only begin on the 1st of November.” So there you have it! Bikers beware. In France. Obviously.

This latest imposition is sure to cause serious alarm amongst bikers venturing Frogside that backpacks and saddlebags could become dangerously overloaded with safety triangles (objets à trois cornes de sécurité), hi-vis vests (gilets jaunes de prééminence exceptionnelle), GB plates (assiettes de la Grande-Bretagne), fist aid kits (chatons d’aide initiale), fire extinguishers (dispositifs de anhilation par inferno), spare bulbs (tubors indésirables). and other vital equipment (éviers de cuisine).

Bankstone News top tip: avoidez France comme la peste!


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