Unbelievably, those lily livered pussies over at so-called road safety charity Brake are still whinging on about HMG’s proposed 8Omph speed limit.

Brake chief exec Julie Townsend claims that Government plans to see how the 8Omph limit goes on motorways currently using cameras to enforce variable speed limits amount to “gambling with people’s lives.”

Well, duh! That’s what Governments do. There are precious few decisions in-power politicians can make that don’t risk screwing up or terminating someone or other’s life. All government is gambling with other people’s lives.

Come to that, so’s driving a car, or letting your children out of the house. Owning a gun or a pitbull’s a bit of gamble. So is becoming a GP, a surgeon or an anaesthetist. Jeez!

The precious omlette of our glorious contemporary civilization could hardly have been concocted without the cassage of oeuflets too many to mention.

So give us a break, Brake, and let people get to their ministerial meetings on time without branding their chauffeurs criminals!


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