So fierce has the clamour become for further news of our upcoming annual charity extravaganza Medieval Monkeys, that Bankstone News can hold out no longer.

As regular readers will doubtless recall, the general idea is that a couple of dozen of us dress up Medieval (Dark Age or Renaissance also accepted) and ride round a bunch of castles in Yorkshire to raise money for Yorkshire Air Ambulance (see video evidence of last year’s outing here).

In 2011 Medieval Monkeys visited these places.


Skipton Castle
Bolton Castle
Middleham Castle
Richmond Castle
Simon Bailes, Northallerton
Helmsley Castle
Pickering Castle (almost)


Scarborough Castle
Sheriff Hutton Castle
U-Pullit, Full Sutton
Knaresborough Castle
Ripley Castle

A couple we liked so much we’re going back – but we’re also on the look out for some brand new old strongholds to swing by. If you’d like to recommend a favourite, perhaps you’re Liam Fox. Maybe not. In fact Bankstone News now feels sure you are not. No offence intended.

More importantly, following Peugeot dealers Simon Bailes’ regretable non-availability this year as a refreshment-break stop-off location due to alternative charity commitments, we will be looking for an alternative source of the finest FOC provender available to humanity of a Saturday afternoon (specifically Saturday 7 July). If your organisation is willing to host us, you will be doing a very fine thing indeed. Can we have plenty of crisps and maybe some biscuits as well, please.

Better still, why not take part yourself? Garry Coates who rode with us last year was so badly traumatised that he has vowed never to do so again and is generously offering his bike for just £500 including delivery to the start point in Brighouse. So all you need to do is bung us a monkey for the bike, fork out £15 for an annual road fund licence, bring along your leathers and some knightly garb, and you’re all set to go. It’s a Skyteam ST-125 Gorilla, with a measley 812 km on the clock, and in excellent condition (see accompanying image).

Alternatively we have a bunch of brand new bikes coming in from parts Far Eastern and exclusively available from our exclusive supplier and sponsor CG Chell for a mere £580, with another £150 to have your bike(s) branded in the corporate livery of your choice. Please direct your enquiries in the first instance to Honest Dicky Tysoe [email protected].

Full details of this year’s itinerary will be unveiled once we’ve worked out what we’re doing.

So don’t hold your breath or anything.


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