As the last days of this premature and weirdly leafless pseudo-summer finally fade, Bankstone News is busy preparing for a week of windswept intrafamilial forlornitude beside the blustery shores of staycation and (cold) pasty hotspot West Cornwallshire. That’s assuming we can find some petrol somewhere.

But what does this mean for Bankstone News readers? It means, to put it bluntly, that you’ve got a week off. Issue 156 will not be hitting your junk mail folder until the far distant 13 April. Sorry, but there it is.

When we do eventually return, we hope to bring you exciting news about this year’s Insurance Endurance karting event in griddy urban utopia Milton Keynes. So you’ll certainly be glad you didn’t unsubscribe!

If you’re worried about keeping yourself entertained in the meantime, may we humbly suggest you check out an excellent short film by exciting new auteur Bankstone Arts on YouTube.

And while you are about it you can enter our competition – which on account of no-one’s bothered to enter it yet – we have decided to extend for a further month. Not only could it be you, it almost inevitably will be, to judge from the general level of enthusiasm so far generated.

We should in all fairness warn you that one of our anagrams is a misspelling. But then what else would you expect from Bankstone News!

That’s it. We’re done. Bankstone News is officially outta here!


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