So committed is leading professional claims handling organisation Bankstone to Ride to Work Day on Monday 18 June that the company has told its staff that if they aren’t prepared to come in on some form of two-wheeled motorised vehicle, then they needn’t bother coming in at all, and can spend the day at home pleasing themselves.

According to organisers the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA), Ride to Work Day is an annual opportunity for users of motorcycles, scooters and, of course, monkeybikes to “show everyone just how enjoyable their daily commute is” or, if it’s p*ssing down with rain on the 18th, to pretend bravely that it’s a bit more enjoyable than it actually is.

It’s a chance, says MCIA ceo Steven Ken Wart. “to demonstrate to other commuters the camaraderie we have as riders.” To support this aim, Bankstone’s Dickon Tysoe is asking all participating staff to pull up alongside other riders at the lights, crack a funny and give ‘em a playful nudge in the ribs. Cyclists, may be ignored/abused in the normal way, of course.

This is also the perfect opportunity, Dickon notes, for all those participating in this year’s Medieval Monkeys charity round-Yorkshire ride (see here for details), to run in their monkeybikes to ensure they’re in optimum condition for the big day itself on 7 July.

But let’s leave the final word to Mr Wart: “By riding to work we demonstrate that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day, with time savings, less congestion and reduced travel costs.” To which, of course, he could have added: reduced pressure on our planet’s precious resources thanks to thrill-incentivised population control volunteering.


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