Wow! There’s just been so much going on at Bankstone lately, it’s hard to know where to start!

First up, Bankstone has a sexy new phone system that does some impressively technical things completely seamlessly to further enhance the customer experience. More details when we’ve had it explained to us a few more times.

Second of all, comme on dit, Bankstone supremo Dickon Tysoe has freshly updated the Medieval Monkeys JustGiving home page. Check it out! And if you haven’t already committed yourself to participate or donate lavishly, then kindly get on with it.

And, let’s see, what else… Oh, yes, attending some charity thing in aid of persistent 70s art-glam weirdo rock-poppers Sparks. Not that Sparks? Ah, attending some charity thing (the Leon Haslam Classic) in aid of SPorts Aiding medical Research for KidS in Wellingborough on 12 June at which golf will be played, celebrities present and money raised.

Don’t miss full coverage in future issues.

Haslam: Classic


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