New research from insurance to luxury luggage brand LV= revealed this week that we are a nation of unprincipled scoundrels with nothing better to do than waste an estimated 29,000 hours of GPs’ time each year through the making of fictitious or sexed-up personal injury insurance claims. 

Eighty-seven per cent of GPs, according to a report in Insurance Times this week, believe they have “dealt with a completely made up injury”, whilst “almost two thirds” – or exactly three fifths (60%)- say they “have seen an increase in the number of patients feigning and exaggerating injuries in order to make a fraudulent compensation claim”. 

LV>’s research found that one in four of those involved in a motor accident during the past 12 months admits to over-egging their post-incident injury pudding, with a quarter of these conceding that they pretended to be injured when they were not.  

In mitigation, it appears that a fair proportion of these time-wasting injury feigners would never have gotten into the pretending-to-be-injured business in the first place if it hadn’t have been for the “strong arm tactics” temptations put in their way by evil PI lawyers and claims management firms.
“Almost two thirds” – or, again, exactly three fifths (60%) – of people who’ve been in accidents claim to have been pestered by such individuals. “Go on,” the tempters doubtless tempt. “You know you want to. Everybody does it. You’d be a fool not too. You deserve something back.” 

Should you ever be contacted by such a person, simply tell them “I am perfectly fine, thank you. Kindly do not contact me again” or if you are of a religious persuasion you could try “Get thee behind me, Satan” “Away, vile tempter/temptress” or something.

And, remember, not everybody does it. Just one in four. “Almost two thirds” of those claiming actually have a proper full-on injury.


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