Shocking new research from has revealed that young people pay more for their car insurance than old people – even though they actually have less money. Incredible but true, allegedly. More astonishing still, youngsters are not just paying a little bit more – they’re paying quite a lot more!

“How much more?”, you may wonder. If you would just allow us to continue without interruption, Bankstone News was coming to that presently. According to a report on a very informative website called “Drivers aged 18-21 pay six time more for car insurance than pensioners.” Which presumably means the same thing as six times more.

And if that’s true, Bankstone News comes very close indeed to actually feeling just a tiny bit sorry for the poor blighters – even if they are feckless narcisistic ne’er-do-wells who wouldn’t know a day’s hard work, a respectable haircut or a proper song, if they were hit over the head with one – or indeed all three simultaneously, as, for instance, in the person of low-premium-paying Sir Cliff Richard.

Confusing’s crack research team have crunched a good proportion of the world’s entire available data stocks to uncover the startling revelation that “a new driver typically pays £2,499 for an annual comprehensive policy, almost a fifth of the average salary for an 18 to 21 year old.” Or it would be, presumably, if they weren’t sponging off decent taxpayers’ many years of hard work and toil or withdrawing heavily from the poor old BMD.

Drivers aged 66 to 70, quite properly, “pay just £440 a year, or around £1.20 per day, while drivers aged 71-plus are paying an average of just £436 per year.” And good luck to them, Bankstone News says. These people fought two world wars, the Falklands, the Cod War and It’s A Knockout, just so today’s clueless ninnies can run around bleating on endlessly about their worthless empty lives via all manner of new fangled “social mediums.”

Makes us sick quite frankly.


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