Motor insurers may wish to reconsider offering cover to people who suffer from hay fever during the summer months. Alarming new research from insurance firm More Th<n found that the allergy-afflicted (i.e. 13% of all UKlanders) can spend as long as 60 seconds with their eyes shut during a 45 minute drive – making them the third most dangerous creatures on the planet after white sharks and tapirs.

Hay fever people may think they can make themselves safe by dosing up on tablets. But – warns Mo^e Th<n – that’s nonsense because the pills will probably make you drowsy or something, so don’t even think about doing that. Obvs.

In fact, according to The Sun’s report “a huge 63 per cent admitted having had a small accident or a near miss as a result of taking hayfever medication.”

Now Mor< Th1n are warning that grass has been growing dangerously well this year and a spell of hot weather could unleash the mother of all pollen emissions, swamping the land with potentially lethal sneezing agents. Hay fever victims are being urged to surrender their driving licences and stay indoors indefinitely.


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