It’s always great to receive positive feedback from readers, Bankstone News imagines. In its absence, we are delighted to feature the following letter received this week confirming the very first order for our unique new nut safety product, the patent Mr Nutty’s ClawThimble™.

Dear Sir,

Please may I place an order for the item Mr Nutty’s ClawThimble™ as featured in the story PR coup of the week in Bankstone News Issue 163. I have longed dreamed of the day when some enterprising entrepreneurial firm such as your own would come up with a solution to the never-ending nightmare that is pistachio-induced nail injury. I yield to no man in my passion for this wholesome and nutritious snack, but have on occasion suffered injuries of quite indescribable seriousness.

Were my nails to remain undamaged I feel certain I could operate far more efficiently in my role as Development Underwriter for what I confidently expect will be the UK’s leading motorcycle insurer by the end of 2012.

If you can please deliver the above-mentioned item to my work address (supplied), I confidently expect to bask in the unbridled envy of my colleagues as I browse happily and safely on a plentiful supply of tasty and nutritious nuts.

Yours sincerely,

(Name supplied)


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