Teams comprising Bankstone staff and friends have a long proud history of competing in Ensurance Indurance down the years. Here we touch on just a few of the many highlights of Team Bankstone’s past.

Who could forget for example 2008’s event when Bankstone’s resident evil genius, the now-notorious cloud-buster Professor Andrew Jones, mystified other competitors by arriving at Daytona Milton Keynes clad in something very closely resembling a frog suit.

All became horribly clear, however, when, shortly after racing had begun, the heavens opened and Professor Jones ploughed merrily on while other drivers headed for the pits to change their sodden attire. The strategy ultimately backfired when the deluge brought proceedings to an untimely close – prompting the Prof to develop his patent Hoverkart adaptor kit. Read all about it here.

In 2009 a heavyweight Team Bankstone decided to focus its energies on the pit stop challenge event, but all all went awry when several team members were busy filling their faces when the moment came – resulting in a deeply frustrating second place for the pitstop event. Ninth place over all.

But in 2010 everything finally fell into place when Bankstone’s tightly drilled team switched all four wheels on a decommissioned Jordan F1 car in less than 22 seconds, crucial milliseconds faster than any other team, and just 19 seconds slower than a real F1 crew. Victory at last! Where TB finished in the main event need not detain us here.

In last years event – a novel-length account of which you can read here – the strategic use of nicknames helped secure a not altogether discreditable 7th place finish for Team Bankstone – despite dastardly sabotage attempts by The Bike Insurer.

This year… who knows!

Think you can beat the Bankstone Boys? You are almost certainly right – but you’ll have to be there to find out.


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