When not actually watching tigers, the good folks at Tiger Watch sometimes like to contemplate car insurance prices. This recently led them to discover that motor insurance rates dropped by a staggering 0.6% in June this year.

This can only mean that premiums have fallen a more staggering still 1.8% from the equivalent figure 365 days ago, says Tiger Watch. They are something to do with some price comparison website, Bankstone News thinks, though we can’t remember which.

Lady drivers, however, will be dismayed to learn that their premiums leapt up by around 0.1% during June, whilst, completely unfairly, bloody male drivers’ premiums have been slashed by a ridiculous and totally unjustified 1.2%. What is the cause of this manifestly unfair treatment?

Well, insurers, it seems, are tripping over themselves in their haste to fall in line with the EU Gander Directive’s stipulation that sex should not rear its ugly head while underwriters are running the rule over would-be policyholders. Amazingly, women now pay only 5% less for their insurance than men – despite being notoriously bad at parallel parking (cf. video evidence passim).

Top Tiger Watcher Andrew Ghoulboy says “Since March we’ve seen female pricing increase by 5.6% – more than five times the current rate of inflation. Essentially women drivers are seeing the results of what we consider to be an unfair EU ruling that comes into effect at the end of 2012.” That would be the ruling stipulating that men and women be treated equally, presumably.

“We would encourage all female drivers who are seeing their renewal prices increasing to shop around for cover using a great car insurance comparison site like Confusing.com, Compare the Meerkat, or GoAway,” he didn’t exactly continue.

Hang on - I think I can see one!

Hang on - I think I can see one!


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