Bankstone News readers have doubtless heard all they ever wish to hear about our Medieval Monkeys charity fundraising outing earlier this month. So here’s a bit more!

Firstly, you should know that some excellent photographic representations of the proceedings have been posted by BLD’s Alan Dunkerley on the facebook page of that organization, which you may review at your leisure simply by clicking here (unless by some bizarre oversight your employer has neglected to provide facebook browsing access at your place of work). On which topic, you may be interested to learn that a recent survey of 18-25 years olds carried out for a life insurance firm found that today’s young person considers having access to social media at work more important than a pension scheme.

Secondly, you should – if you have not already – donate immediately and munificently to the most excellent life-saving cause that is Yorkshire Air Ambulances (YAA). This you can easily do simply by scrolling down a bit to the left of this story and clicking on the ‘donate’ button on the JustGiving box you will see there.

Unless we reach the 100% mark on the MM2012 totaliser we will not have raised the £7,200 required to keep one rescue helicopter flying for one day and they’ll probably have to stop saving lives at tea time or something.

Please don’t let that happen!


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