What would it take to prompt UK motorcycle specialists BLD to open a sixth nationwide motorcycle centre in the heart of the Midlands, Bankstone News readers have probably been wondering. The answer to this highly pertinent question arrived in Bankstone News’ inbox this week in the form of a press release announcing that “Strategic positioning and customer demand have prompted BLD Group to open their sixth nationwide motorcycle centre in the heart of the Midlands.” So now we know.

BLD report that their new 15,000 sq ft premises, located at Junction 2 off the M5, is “enormous” but amazingly was “just an empty shell a few months ago”. BLD staff have been forced to work night and day to transform it into “a state-of-the-art service and repair centre with a new sign that now lights up the night sky”, which will certainly brighten up the drab old Brum skyline, but could confuse the hell out of local wildlife and upset people like Patrick Moore.

CEO Jason Richards commented: “This centre will deliver immediate service improvements for our customers’ policyholders as well as operational efficiency for BLD. We will base a considerable amount of our fleet in Birmingham, predominantly for the important Midlands market.”

What level of excitement is this latest extension to BLD’s network of premises likely to elicit from bikers, you are probably wondering. Once again the press release has the answer: “At bike shows and via social media, bikers have been extremely excited and supportive of BLD’s new endeavour,” the press release notes.

And it’s not just bikers who are getting excited. BLD are becoming increasingly excited themselves. “It’s been exciting reading the tweets and Facebook messages from local bikers congratulating us on Birmingham and asking us for more details!” exclaims marketing manager, Valerie Tanswell, “We look forward to connecting with the active biker community in Birmingham and the wider Midlands area.”

So this really is fantastic news for active bikers in the important Midlands region. As the press release goes on to explain: “The newly opened centre will provide motorcyclists across the region with BLD’s full range of motorcycle services including MOTs, Servicing, Repairs, Tyres, Transportation and more. Altamura Concepts, part of BLD Group, have also expanded by opening a paint centre at the same location.”

After reading all this you are probably quite excited yourself. You probably have high expectations of this enormous building in an important region crammed with passionate talented people. Odds are, however, it’ll end up even better than you think! As the press release sums up: “With its enormous capacity, talented staff and an ongoing commitment to customer service, the Birmingham BLD motorcycle centre is set to exceed expectations!”

After all that excitement Bankstone News really does need a lie down.

BLD's enormous new building. Numbered to avoid confusion with any of the other five.


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