You will doubtless be relieved to hear that Bankstone News will not be bothering your inbox next Friday, so to speak, as we are jetting south to represent the UK in the sarcastic plagiarism section of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad in London. Wish us luck! The competition is sure to be stiff.

In the meantime, perhaps you will be enjoying a short break yourself. If you are, and you happen to be driving on the Continent, don’t forget that (as previously reported in Bankstone News) French law now requires you to carry a breath test kit in your car at all times – and indeed that the French highways police now require anyone stopped on suspicion of drunk driving to count backwards from 20 to zero (in French), to name the 20 arrondissements of Paris in order (moving outwards in a clockwise spiral starting with Louvre), and finally to name the correct order in which to consume 20 regional cheeses selected at random from a database of 400.

Well worth swotting up before you leave – unless you fancy spending a night in “le slammer”!

Click on the image below for further information on how to pass the French drink drive test courtesy of YouTube.


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